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🍭🍭 Have you tried our vegan sweets 🍭🍭
🍭🍭 Have you tried our vegan sweets 🍭🍭

Valentines Jar

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These yummy sweet Jars are a great gift for Valentines Day, consisting of Valentines themed sweets only available at this romantic time of year.

Bursting with Valentines Day sweets including a selection of Haribo hearts, Red Foiled Milk Chocolate Hearts, Juicy Red Lips, Jelly Cherries, Red Paintballs, Pink paintballs, Fizzy Twin cherries, Giant Strawberries, Pink hearts, Porky pigs, Sour Strawberry Pencil Bites, Gummy Mushrooms, Giant Snowies, Pink and White Mice and Strawberry Twist Kisses 💘

We are sure this jar will bring your Valentine a lot of love 💕

Order NOW whilst stock last!